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Surreal (Lonely Spaces): Wishing Well, Mailbox, Park Bench

Surreal (Figures in Space): Man in the Moon, Lotus Flower, Milky Way

Surreal (Stark Contrast): Grim Reaper, Shepherd, The Abyss

Fantasy (Scenes and Stories): Farrow Dancing, Lucifer Parnassus and Esquiline, Viti, Bifrucated Angel, Wild Animals, Hammock, Brennan, Serrouen Monteil, Rin in the Sunflowers, Turel in the Rain, Turel in Party Hats, Turel and Tree Roots

Fantasy (Mythology, Folklore, and Modern Stories): Castor and Pollux, Phoenix, Kelpie's Shadow, Kimono Oni, Aladdin Sane, Haephestus at the Forge, The Creature, Wheel of Fortune, The Yellow Bird, Zed

Fantasy (Strange Creatures): Masked Demons, Flying Boar, 80s Kangaroo, Headless Horse II, Carousel Hippocampus, Twilight Zone Mermaid

Natural Science: Centipede, 'Dove'

Abstract: Yellow Ginko and White Cats

Figures (Fantasy Creatures): Harvest Hobgoblin

Soft Sculpture (Quilted Tapestries): False Glyphs Wall Hanging

Miniatures: Power Pole, Attic, Alleyway

Ongoing Interactive Storytelling Project:

The Darkening Wood

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